Am I covered by my Credit Card in case of an accident?

We encourage customers to call their Credit Card company to find out about their specific coverage and of any vehicle type/geographic location restrictions their coverage might have.

When declining ANDY'S Coverage, the Hirer is responsible for all damages to ANDY'S vehicle and any Third-Party vehicle. We provide all the documents necessary to file the claim with your Credit Card company.

RE: American Express: Jeep Wranglers & 9-passenger Vans: American Express has stipulated that customers must call the number on the back of their card to confirm their coverage.

RE: Discover Cards: effective February 28, 2018, Discover Cards are no longer providing damage coverage for car rentals world-wide. When using a Discover Card for your rental, customer must accept either ANDY's Full Coverage or Deductible Coverage

Due to Credit Card Companies recent policy change whereby many of their Credit Cards no longer offer damage coverage for 9-passenger vehicles: Customers renting our Large Vans may only decline coverage if they provide us a written confirmation from their Credit Card Company which states they are covered for car rental vehicle damages to 9-passenger vehicles in The Cayman Islands. Customers who do not provide written confirmation of Credit Card Coverage have the option to purchase one of ANDYS Coverage offerings: Full Coverage (Coverage F) or Deductible Coverage (Coverage E).